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Types of Controllers

There are a number of motor controllers available in the market today. The simplest of these is the motor starter. Their mode of operation only entails the plugging in by use of a switch. When fully energized the starter connects to the terminals and reduces the voltage as it operates.

There are also adjustable speed drives which are a lot more powerful in their mode of operation as compared to the motor starters. They build on an interconnection of equipment thereby providing some advanced means of adjusting the driving and operating speeds of any mechanical load.

Another type of controllers is the intelligent controller which uses radio frequency microprocessor technology. The processor watches the motor load and it adjusts this by lowering the voltage in the AC terminals as well as reducing the current on the same terminals. Over the time they have been used, control units have provided a measure of efficient use of energy that is time saving and a lot less heat and sound pollutant.

The development of these control units was mainly attributed to the necessity and use of power. Motor controls are proving to be the way to go with the inception of switch gears, switchboards, transformers and panel bards

Motor Control Center


In many industrial centers, the simple grouping of starter motors to one assembling point is gaining popularity. A number of electric motors may be required to run a number of operations. Therefore, to give this desired control of the motors, the development of motor control centers became necessary. These are basically assembled motor units that rely on having a common power bus. Such units are able to handle radio and power frequencies of varying lengths and strengths. They are built inclusive of program control devices and meters. Many of the MMC’s are capable of handling low voltage AC power. Some of the superior control centers can actually handle very high voltages of upto 15000 V as they are made of large motors.

The earliest of these control power units was probably built in the early 1960’s. These units could only handle 500 Volts; a really low value compared to what modern motor control centers can handle. The units are comprised of one or more vertical metal units that are equipped with a power bus, this was for the required energy and a provision for the plug –in used for monitoring of all the individual motor performance. Read more on


motor control center mcc panel

Application of Motor Control Centers

Control units are of different features and complexity. This has all be dependent on the task the motors are meant to perform. Control units are used in a number of ways mostly in the industrial set ups where companies using a lot of power to drive their machines require a separate setup to monitor the operating performance of these motor. There are a number of complex controller units that actually provide for the adjustment of the speeds and the general torque of these motors. Depending on the looping system of the unit, control is made easy and very precise. You should definently go check out


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