4 Dec / 2017

10 Tips for Sprucing Up Your Short-term Apartment Rental

Staying in short term apartment rental might not seem like the ideal living situation, but there are plenty of things you can do to make your rental feel more like home. By following these 10 tips, you will be able to make your apartment feel more like home in no time.

1. Choose the Right Rental

Obviously, the first most important part of making your apartment feel more like home is to choose an apartment that you like. Consider looking for a rental that offers something that you wouldn't otherwise be able to enjoy, such as a swimming pool. This can make your new home feel much more appealing.

2. Bring Things from Home

Bringing favorite items from home is a great way to make your new apartment rental feel more cozy. Even things like stuffed animals and old photographs can give your new place of residence a sentimental feeling.

3. Hang Things on the Walls

Bare walls can make a rental feel depressing, so consider hanging things up to make the place look a bit more exciting and comfortable. You don't have to spend a fortune to invest in nice wall hangings; you can buy them used online or at thrift stores, or you can draw your own pictures. Another great option is to buy posters; they're much more affordable than many pictures but can still cover up your walls with things that you're interested in.

4. Give it a Nice Smell

By giving your apartment rental a nice smell, you will probably be much happier to walk into it. Candles, incense or a nice room spray should do the trick, and you can choose a signature scent or switch it up with the seasons.

5. Unpack Right Away

It can be tempting to leave things in boxes to deal with later, but unpacking all of your stuff right away will help you feel at home much more quickly.

6. Bring in Fresh Flowers

Just a simple bouquet of fresh flowers from the grocery store can add life and color, or you can invest in a nice potted plant. If you aren't good at taking care of plants, even fake ones will suffice for adding an extra touch.

7. Display Pictures

From pictures of your family to funny photos of you and your friends, having lots of your favorite pictures on your walls and in frames throughout your apartment rental can make your space feel more like your own.

8. Make Everything Comfortable

If you feel truly comfortable when you're at your apartment rental, it will instantly feel much more like home to you. Therefore, try investing in a nice bedspread or comforter and throw blankets and pillows so that you always feel nice and cozy.

9. Get a Pet

If your lease allows it, consider getting a pet. Even a fish in a small bowl can make your rental seem more lively.

10. Keep it Clean

If you keep your apartment rental nice and clean at all times, you will find it much more pleasant to live in.

Transitioning after a move into an apartment rental isn't always easy, but these 10 tips can help you feel right at home more quickly than you probably think. You can also check Mary-am suites for affordable short term appartment rental.