13 Oct / 2017

Secret Of Pressure Washing

To achieve the pressure washing business you need to have a good account base and steady clients. You need to be careful not to have way too many accounts, which are mostly seasonal.

The key is to have diversified accounts and lots of night work cleaning concrete or flat work. You can also look for home pressure washing services nearby your area via various online resources.

One of the better accounts we’ve found for most reasons in Convenience Stores or C-Stores, because they are generally open up 24-time with lighting which means you can work securely without having to be mugged and you will also be observed and grab accounts from other property management companies, pickup truck fleet owners and commercial building owners that see you out working.

I JUST received this email in one of our own franchisees who found some 7-11 stores as a merchant account in his region:

“We’ve just guaranteed the concrete business for our local 7-11s. We reserve away at 65.00 one hour and we’ve 51 with them. Most will have every week service and be regular. It got us 2 a few months of red tape to find the account.”

Although it might take some time to secure a string of C-stores, gasoline stations or 7-11 type retailers to completely clean, they are excellent accounts to acquire and nice because they enable you the leverage to balance your plan, because they are small and quick accounts to service. Think upon this in 2006.