The majority of the time RV's are pulled by vehicles such as a V8 SUV or a truck or pickup truck. This is what most folks associate with camping travel trailers and trailers. The fact remains that if the trailer is a load this would be the case but when trailer travel then it is a different story, now. If you want more information about travel trailer you may visit

Towing Light Weight Travel Trailers

A lightweight vessel is considered to be approximately four million pounds or can be hauled by a 6 cylinder miniature or SUV, crossover type van that families use. A light duty truck may be the rig. Having a camper that is milder makes the holiday cheaper to go on. It is easy because the weight that has to be towed. And fuel can add up to large savings with the cost of gas around three fifty.

Before going out and purchasing a trailer take a look and go for the vehicle you want to use as the vehicle. Find the capacity for hauling and this will let you know what the weight of your travel trailer will want to be. The rating will be placed by the maker. Do not take it for granted, it is ideal not to exceed this level that is poundage.

 It may cause damage if this isn't strictly followed. Either the axel, which will take on the tongue weight of the engine, the transmission, the brakes, this trailer, or brakes could be destroyed. If a camper that's within the towing evaluation of the vehicle is hauled this may void the warranty and cause a whole lot of problems.