I have been a chiropractor for almost 17 years.  Back when I started, which was right about when the big tech boom was hitting and there were quite a few people coming in with neck pain and headaches.  One of the big issues I found was that most (and I mean the vast majority) of people who came to see me with neck pain and/or headaches, who also worked on computers for a living, had lost the natural curve in their neck.  When we work to restore the curve, the symptoms tend to go away.

After a few years in practice I noticed that more and more younger people were coming in with neck pain and headaches.  Then I noticed that even some pretty young kids were being brought in for the same symptoms.  I clearly remember one specific child being brought in and as her mom was talking to me about all of the child symptoms and how she doesn’t know why her young daughter would be complaining of sever neck pain and headaches, I glanced over to her daughter.  She was slouched in a chair and texting on her phone.  Her neck was in a position where if she stood up without changing her neck position, she would have been staring at her belly button with her chin almost toughing her chest.

Naturally, in the long run that neck position would cause some issues.  I talked to her mom about it and joked that I thought she had developed “text neck”.  Little did I know that the term would be widely used years later as texting became easier and kids started getting phones younger and younger.  For those looking for a Chandler chiropractic office to get their text neck fixed up, check out Apex Medical Group for some advice.