When looking for baby cribs on sale there are three important factors to consider:

– Safety aspects

– Durability

– Style

Indeed, you might add COST as a fourth item on your list, since baby cribs sale in a range of vastly different prices.

When looking at internet sites offering cribs for sale, you should bear in mind that the crib you buy must conform to government safety standards. Look out for a firm mattress which must fit tightly into the frame to avoid tiny fingers getting trapped. Make sure the crib for sale has the required number of slats and that the slats are no more than 2-3/8" apart from each other. The baby crib for sale should have posts which are no higher than 1/16" and in order to keep your little one-year-old escape artist safe, the vertical slats should not be more than 2-3/8" apart.

Babies have a tendency to wedge themselves into the most unlikely places and your crib must comply with modern safety regulations to prevent injury, so ask your specialist to explain the small print. Don't be afraid to take out your tape measure, if you have reason to believe the slats show too wide a gap.

You might be tempted to buy a second hand crib on sale at a knock-down price, but once you have made the trip to the person selling the baby crib, you'll probably find that durability leaves a lot to be desired. The crib for sale might not allow your baby to grow into a child and still sleep in the familiar first bed, because the crib cannot be adjusted.

Durability does not just refer to a sturdy make of cribs on sale, it also refers to your crib being able to adapt with your child's changes in size and ability. Ideally, the crib you find on sale should last until your child is five years old.

When looking at the different styles of cribs for sale you should decide first, what aspects are most important to you: should your baby's crib have a changing station, should the sides collapse for easier access, does the crib have trundle drawers underneath, so you can store your baby's plethora of accessories? You might prefer a crib with wheels so it can be moved from room to room without fuss and effort. There are cribs on sale which have adjustable mattress height and you might find that a blessing when first having to learn how to put your baby to sleep or having to change diaper during the night.