CSR racing 2 is NaturalMotion second edition drag racer, it is just released on the App store. If you though the primary version looked amazing, your mind is going to be blown when you view what they have done with CSR racing 2.

Select your first car using hack CSR racing 2

One of the largest specs of the game franchise is the beautifully detailed vehicles. There is a level of accuracy that is unmatched by another other car-related game. So, the vehicles are designed as if they were true, all the way down to the stitching on the interior. And, yes, in game, you can open the doors and trunk to get a best hook inside at the seats, dash and inner lining.

You are gifted 130 gold to help you purchase your first vehicle. This is just ample cash to pick one of 6 Tier one vehicles: Dodge Dart Mopar '13, Abarth 500, Ford Fiesta ST, Hundai Veloster and The Cooper S, Golf GTI.

How to race using CSR racing 2 cheats

Just like the actual CSR racing, this is a drag racing game. You fly down a straight street at speed far above hundred MPH, pitted against a one opponent. Races are divide into 4 parts and generally take about fifteen seconds if your very slow.

At the beginning line, hit on the gas pedal to boost your engine. Keep a best balance of light tapping to stay in the green as you rev. if you are in the green when the ends countdown, you will earn a best start reward. This updated beginning mechanic is much excellent than the previous game because you can view on the gauge when you are in the green and when you have gone over or under into the bed.

Shifting is similar. As soon as the gauge reaches the green area. Tap the pedal to shift. A best shift will also earn you some plus cash. Most races are so little that you will just shift 3 or 4 times. The shifting technique is much improved than the primary car game because you view on the estimate where you are getting nearer the best shift and how much leeway you have to be off.

Don't forget to use your nitrous. Even if you think you are away of your rival, he can overpower in a split second by deploying his N20, so be ready for a fast speed jump.