Technology and innovation has led to new inventions and development in the field of business, economy and infrastructure. This has led to widespread change in the method of construction and building structures, use of new type of material and much more. These new school methodologies have been adopted in developed cities including Sydney, popularly termed as modular construction.

Modular construction in simple sense is the constructing volumetric building or structures in parts known as modules. Builders box hill need certain amount of expertise in the area of modular building construction. Modular building or say modular homes are basically ready made structures, built in parts known as modules which are placed together later to constitute a house. The interesting part is that modules are constructed off site and later shifted by use of cranes to place it on the actual plot of land. Building modular homes has its own set of pros and cons. Some of them are:

Faster Construction

Structures are built in modules that too at a remote location. This makes it easy for extensive labour to focus on each module at the same time without waiting for any other module to be completed. With save in time, labour, construction and supervision cost is also reduced.

Ability to transport modules

Modules are mobile. This enables transport of entire structure from one location of home to another.

Low waste

Where modules are built with same techniques and plans, there is a learning effect in the construction that leads to increasing efficiency. This reduces wastage of time and material.

Health consideration for workforce

A builder blacktown has to conform to various safety and health standards. When in modular building construction, the compliances are less as it helps in reduction or elimination of various health hazards. One of the greatest advantage is elimination of accident or deaths from falling from heights as the modules are built at low levels near ground. Dropping objects from height such as roof. Now roof is built on ground and later placed with use of cranes.