Knowing that you require crowd control system for your business is just the first step. Determining how many posts you need for the set up of the crowd control system, how to lay them out and where you should put the sign boards also is a task. You will need to think of the colors, whether you want plastic or metal stanchions, post & rope or retractable belts stanchions. Here through this article, I  am going to discuss a few common stanchion configurations that should help you get the ball rolling with your businesses’ stanchion design.

Normal Setup with Express Lane

This is one of the most popular setups till date. This design features a “normal” lane for most customers. There is then an “express lane” which is commonly used for business customers, VIPs, handicapped patrons or any customers you desire to give the white glove treatment. This kind of setup is commonly seen in banks but can be used for ticket lines, car rental lines, etc.

U-Shaped Design

This kind of stanchion format is ideal for ticketing offices. This layout is for a single line but helps optimize floor space by guiding customers in a weaving pattern. This may look familiar to a waiting line you might see at an airport when checking in.

L-Shaped Designs

This simple design is great for a cashier’s line, coffee shop queue, fast food restaurant, or concession stand. Use stock signs on top of the posts to direct traffic. These sign toppers come in all types of post finishes.