Sciatica is a type of leg and back pain, which is caused by a pinched nerve which is located in the lower back region of the body. It is generally pain felt in the Sciatica nerve roots that originate on both sides of the lower spine, and runs along the buttocks through the back of the leg, down to the foot. Back pain is the most common problem nowadays which most of the people faces at least once in their lifetime.

Sciatica is often confused with lower back pain as the symptoms and area of the pain felt is almost the same. Our back is a complex mix structure of the vertebrae, bones, muscles, nerves, ligaments, disc, and tendons that help the lower back in supporting the body’s weight. They all have their set functions, and if any damage or problem occurs in any of these structures, it leads to lower back pain and further problems related to that.

Back solutions clinic has been till date the most efficient in diagnosing and treating the lower and upper back pain and also its related problems, especially sciatica treatment. Sciatica is difficult to diagnose just like the back pain. If sciatica is caused by a disc disease or problem then it can be determined easily but a pinched nerve or set of wrong posture activities are involved then it becomes difficult to diagnose the exact cause of the damage and pain. The various different common causes of sciatica are as follows:

  • Herniated disc.
  • Slipped disc or bulging disc.
  • Inflammation.
  • Being overweight or obesity.
  • Pinched nerve.
  • Lack of elasticity in between the spinal discs.
  • Aging.
  • Weak core area or strength.
  • Bad posture positions while sitting, standing and bending.
  • Injury or accident.

After lots of diagnosing procedures and symptoms, various natural ways and methods have been discovered for sciatic nerve treatment. The different natural ways are as follows:

  • Reduction of inflammation- Inflammation is caused by various different factors such as smoking, long sitting hours, overweight, aging, stress, and depression, etc. Most people who are suffering from back pain have sciatica as well. Inflammation makes healing of injuries slow and difficult, and also increases pain. To reduce this, one must have a balanced diet, avoid any usage of tobacco or drugs and monitor the daily posture activities and lifestyle.
  •  Heat therapy – Applying heat or heat therapy is beneficial in treating sciatic nerve pain as it loses the tight muscles thus making them more flexible and increases the blood circulation flow which as a result ends up in providing pain relief. Even ice therapy or icing is beneficial as it reduces inflammation and makes the area numb, thus reducing pain.
  • Acupuncture and massage therapy – Acupuncture is a traditional practice of healing by using tiny pain-free needles on the pain affected the targeted area, for better body health as its open’s the natural flow of energy in the body. It is proved to be the best way to heal chronic pains including sciatica. Massage therapy helps in reducing back pain as it relaxes body and muscles and also releases chemicals named endorphins, which act like pain relievers.
  • Yoga and Stretching exercises – Yoga and Stretching both reduce swelling, increases flexibility, and reduce pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Also, keeps body and mind healthy and relax. Core strengthening & Stretching exercise both helps in treating sciatica, thus making back strong.