28 Sep / 2017

The 3 Best First World War Battlefield Tours

Courtesy: farm1.static.flickr

For someone who is interested in history and loves reading books about the world wars, it is a great idea to head on the First World War Battlefield tours to learn more about it. A number of tour companies and guides are offering these facilities with incredible itineraries to make the learning experience even more fun. Here is a list of the three best First World War battlefield tours that one must definitely try out.

1. 1918 Centenary tour

This tour is led by Dr. Bruce Cherry who is a military historian. You get a chance to visit the iconic battlefields of Villers-Bretonneux, Le Quesnay, the St Quentin Canal, Mons and also the site of the November armistice signing at Compiegne. This four day tour offers a great cultural experience and a chance to learn about some major events from 1918. The price starts from £1,245 and includes accommodation, rail travel and even some meals.

2. Historian’s insight

This tour is led by Sir Anthony Seldon, a political historian. The four day tour starts from Arras and you get to visit the important sights of the First World War, such as the subterranean tunnels of Vimy Ridge and the historic tank offensive of the Battle of Cambrai. The price starts from £1,445 and includes accommodation, entrance fees, Eurostar travel and even meals.

3. Poetry in motion

If you are interested in both history and poetry, this tour offers a blend of both. You will get a chance to learn about the war as well as the wartime lives of poets. It is led by Andrew Spooner, a military historian. This four day tour’s price starts from £1,430 and it includes accommodation, coach travels and meals.

Therefore, select one of these tours and learn about the wartime Australians on the western front.