10 Oct / 2017

Understanding the Effective Bug Repellents

Particular bugs can damage your garden plants. They include slugs and snails, cabbage worms, aphids among other bugs that can be very destructive to your garden crops. They literary feed on the leaves of your garden plants and avoid them from yielding what you expected from your garden crops. Because of this, you have to find methods to control the infestation.

But the question for you is, how could you get rid of bugs? There are several ways of controlling bugs, which are suggested by experts. Simply by considering a number of measures, you will be able to explore more about this area. Read this guide to know some of these techniques.


It's crucial to remember that not all garden insects are destructive. They provide many perks in your goal of garden pest extermination. These includes bees, spiders, and similar insects. Spiders eat bugs which are quite harmful to your garden crops while bees help pollinate. They allow your garden to become productive and free from destructive bugs. Predators are more inclined to come to your garden if you have garden crops like dill and carrots.


If the soil, where garden crops are planted, is healthy, it's capable of nurturing them throughout their growth. This feeds your crops well. Healthy crops could resist the damage made by these bugs. Natural fertilizers like compost manure could nourish your soil garden. This raises the nutrient levels of the soil. Crop rotation is also suggested. This process keeps certain bugs which from existing in a garden because another kind of plants are planted. You might also try other measures like mulching.


Also, there are chemical-free means to control bugs. You can just pick the bugs living on the leaves of your garden crops. Sadly, this is a very exhausting process. Surrounding your garden with a physical barrier will do the trick of keeping bugs away from your crops. Try utilizing transparent polythene as your garden’s barrier. Be reminded though that useful insects might not also be able to enter your garden when you get it installed.

Another mechanical measure involves spraying the leaves of the garden crops with water at extremely high pressure so as to wash off the garden bugs.


They are known as insecticides. Chemicals which may be included in these insecticides have low to high toxicity, like gibberellic acid (less toxic), veem (mildly toxic), and pyrethrins (highly toxic). They're proven to be effective in eliminating garden bugs. Nevertheless, bugs might be able to resist their effects after long period of use.


These are not proven to be effective but you can try testing it on your garden bugs. They consist of substances such as milk, beer, garlic, hot pepper, and so forth. Get more gardening tips at greenthumbguide.net.